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How Do I?: Domain Names
Register a new domain name?

It's easy to register a domain name. In the Register a Domain search box, simply type the domain name(s) and the extension(s) you want to register, then click on the Search button. Your domain name(s), if available, will be listed as the Results of Your Search.

Register a domain name that is already taken?

There are two ways Netactiva Network Server can help you attempt to get a domain name that's already taken. The first is through backorder, where you'll get the domain name if it becomes available and you have placed the only backorder for it. If others have placed backorders for the same domain name, you will participate in a simple auction to buy the domain. The second is through Certified Offer Service, where Netactiva Network Server presents your offer, anonymously, to the Seller. You will know within 7 days whether the domain name can be yours.

Protect the personal information I provide at domain name registration? Protect your personal information with Private Registration:
  1. Deter spammers, telemarketers, direct mailers, identity thieves, harassers, stalkers, and others who use the public WHOIS database from contacting you.
  2. Use alternate contact information for your listing in the WHOIS database.
  3. Maintain full control and standing as registrant over the domain names in your account, unlike "proxy" services.
Determine which extensions are right for me?

Netactiva Network Server offers a variety of domain name extensions. Here are the most frequently registered extensions and their common usage, although it must be noted that any extension can be used for any purpose:

Extension Common Usage
.com Commercial, but is commonly used for everything
.net Internet administrative site, but is commonly used
.org Organization, typically used for non-profits
.info Information
.biz Business
.us United States
.name Personal Web sites
.ws Western Samoa, but is often used for Web Sites
.bz Belize
.vg British Virgin Islands
.cc Cocos (Keeling) Islands
.ms Montserrat
.gs South Georgia & the South Sandwich Islands
.tc Turks and Caicos Islands
.tv Tuvalu, but often used for television
.uk United Kingdom
.de Germany
.be Belgium
.at Austria
.nz New Zealand
.mx Mexico

Protect my brand online?

You can protect your online business by registering for multiple extensions, including country-specific extensions, to prevent unauthorized use of your trademarks, brands, and licensed names.

Find out who registered a given domain name?

With WHOIS you can check to see who has registered any domain name. WHOIS also includes such enhanced features as:
  • Comprehensive search across multiple WHOIS databases. Includes all domains and extensions regardless of where they are registered. No need to visit multiple WHOIS directories.
  • Smart WHOIS Report showing the status of the domain. If a live site exists, WHOIS will present a thumbnail of the home page along with the Web site title, traffic ranking, meta descriptions and keywords.
  • Information is presented in a simple, easy-to-read format.
Redirect multiple domain names to one Web site?

Web Forwarding lets you drive all your traffic to your main Web site. You can register domain names for misspelled and/or abbreviated versions of your primary domain name, or register the same domain names with alternate extensions (e.g., .biz, .net, etc.). Then you can forward all those domain names to your primary Web site to help ensure that customers find your Web site.

Renew a domain name I've already registered?

To renew a domain name with Netactiva Network Server, log in to Account Manager. Click on Renew Services in the left-hand navigation bar and select the check box to the left of the domain name(s), and any additional services, you would like to renew. Then click on the Renew button. Select the time period for which you would like to renew your domain name (if you change the term from the default, please click on the Recalculate button), then click on the Proceed to Purchase button. Fill out the necessary information and then click Submit Order. Your domain name registration(s) has been renewed.

Transfer a domain name I've already registered?

Netactiva Network Server makes it simple to transfer your domain name - just follow this simple online procedure. Your transfer will take no longer than 5 days. Sign up for Web site design or Web hosting services and you'll qualify for a discounted annual rate.
Domain Name Tips
How To Select A Domain Name
  • Make it as short as possible
  • Make it memorable
  • Make it easy to spell
  • Make it pronounceable
  • Make it a name you can brand
  • Make it non-confusable with another domain name
  • Make it not conflict with an existing trademark
  • Make it easy to say
  • Make it trust-worthy, not obscure (i.e. a .com, .biz or .info if at all possible, instead of a .to or .ws)
  • Make it directly related to either your business name or
  • Make it directly related to keywords from your industry or
  • Make it descriptive of your site's content
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